Come Stai?

Cultures from around the world have always been a passion of mine, especially foreign languages. I took on the exciting adventure of learning Italian a couple of years ago and studied abroad as well, thinking I would never use it here in the U.S. But to my surprise Shoes and Such seems to be a happening place for tourists! These past couple of days I feel that I have had the opportunity to speak more Italian than English with my customers! How incredible is that? It is so exciting to over hear a conversation in Italian and to walk over say “Come stai?” (How are you) and “Di dove sei” (where are you from?). The look of pure excitement (and much surprise) that someone speaks the same language is so fulfilling. Here in the U.S. we just do not have as much incentive to learn foreign languages because of how massive our country is! Learning to speak someone else’s language is such an inviting way to communicate with foreigners, or even attempting to learn a little bit goes a long way! I get to serve my Italian customers so much better, and even some Europeans who may not be Italian, but know it better than English. The reality is, English is not the only language out there, and no, not everyone in the world speaks English, and that is beautiful! How boring would it be if English was the only language? It can be quite fun to speak a foreign language with someone here in the U.S., it feels like your own little secret ;) With the Grand Canyon being so close to us, Flagstaff and our little store get to be a little hub for travelers to stop and check out our small, southwestern, mountain town. I hope every Italian speaker leaves with a little smile and a feeling of connection to this place knowing someone there speaks their language, (and would love to improve immensely!)



Kristen Cornette