Shoes & Such

Where we began

Our story began...

in 2003 with mostly shoes and a sprinkle of clothing. In the years we have grown (woot woot!) and now, not only do we have MORE shoes and MORE clothing, but we’ve also brought in LOTS of purses, accessories, and jewelry. We carry an assortment of purse styles – leather, vegan, new canvas, and recycled canvas. All of our clothing is fresh and playful with an edgy flare. We love color, texture, and prints and try to do our best to carry items that are fun and different. Our website features seasonal lookbooks, showcasing our aesthetic. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on all of our products!

Thanks for being our customer! Have a wonderful day!


-Meet Our Family-



AnnaMarie is bubbly, rocks a down to earth style, and lights up the room with her fun spirit and beautiful outlook on the world. Her taste in music is impeccable!



Debbie loves to dance—even when people are looking! With 5 males in her household she gets her girly fix with this crew! She loves to feed us and is rightfully deemed the Salsa Queen.



Working hard to keep the store in order, Kristen has been our general manager for 12 years now. She's our buyer, our merchandiser, customer guru, and everything in between. When she isn't in the shop she's planning her next family adventure!


Ali has a relaxed, effortless style. Her beautiful smile and laugh are infectious. Her touch can be seen throughout the store.


Mama Carrie is our in-house artist. It’s her creativity that’s displayed in our window. She loves to travel and her passion and creativity ‘Carries’ over into her kitchen.



Matty never fails to have a positive attitude. We deemed her the captain of customer service because she has a gift of patience and sincerity.  Everyone who walks through the door is her friend!


Our chic EuroBoho sister. Yes, we made that term up…but it fits her! Ellie is our photography guru and responsible for our amazing Insta and FB photo posts.